Create Samples

Before processing sequencing data, individual FASTQ.GZ files that belong to one biological sample need to be linked to samples.

1. Go to FILES in the top menu.
2. Select all FASTQ.GZ files that belong to one biological sample.
3. Click CREATE SAMPLE to associate all selected files to one sample.
4. Define a sample name. The prefix of the FASTQ.GZ files will be used automatically to name the sample. This label will be prefixed to each output file.
5. Select a Panel (e.g., AML).
6. Determine number of sequencing runs.

Use TWO RUNS only for the following two situations (file names across both ‘runs’ need to be identical):

  • You sequenced the identical library twice (technical replicate) and wish to increase overall coverage.
  • You sequenced the library across two lanes and received eight instead of four FASTQ.GZ files per sample. Run 1 accepts FASTQ.GZ files from lane 1. Run 2 accepts FASTQ.GZ files from lane 2.
7. Optionally provide a description.
8. Assign FASTQ.GZ files to the FORWARD and REVERSE sections. Matching read pairs need to be aligned in the same row. In most cases FASTQ.GZ files are automatically assigned in the correct format.
9. Click LINK AS SAMPLE in the top right corner.