Navigation Bar – Filter Subclones


Menu Description
Ignore zygosity
DEFAULT = unchecked
Disregards mutant genotype information. Cells with heterozygous and homozygous genotype calls are treated equally.
Remove subclones with < 1.00 % of cells
DEFAULT = checked
Removes subclones with select percentage of cells from Subclone table. All removed subclones are listed as Small Subclones in the Subclone table.
Remove subclones with missing genotypes
DEFAULT = checked
Removes subclones that contain missing genotypes (NA) in at least one selected variant used for subclone identification.
Show VAF
DEFAULT = checked
Lists the average variant allele frequencies per variant per subclone across all loaded samples in the Subclone Table.
Autoname Clones Automatically renames clones based on variant distribution. Limited to 2-variant clones and not applicable to FLT3-ITD linked clones.