Review And Download Data

1. Go to SAMPLES in the top menu and highlight the sample you want to review data for.

2. The ANALYSIS DETAILS page includes a list of key performance metrics on the left side and generated data that can be downloaded on the right side.

Small-size files may be viewed and/or downloaded directly inside the web browser. Large-size files, such as loom files can be downloaded via the connector by clicking the download icon on the far right.

cells.vcf.gz Compressed annotated VCF file. Conforms to standard GATK format.
cells.loom Customized annotated VCF file in LOOM file format. To be used with Tapestri Insights.
cells.R Customized annotated VCF file in R file format. For each cell a report detailing the FLT3-ITD variants found by a customized algorithm.
report.pdf A report file summarizing key performance metrics (i.e., number of cells). Summary data also provided on a per-tube basis (i.e., eight tubes) A report file that summarizes allele dropout metrics using allele dropout (ADO) amplicon information.
barcode.cell.distribution.tsv A spreadsheet file reporting the number of forward reads assigned to each amplicon for each cell found.
tapestri_log.txt A detailed report on the individual steps performed by the Tapestri Pipeline.
cells.bam Individual BAM files with reads of all cells found per tube.
mapped.bam Individual BAM files with all reads mapped to the genome per tube [only reads with valid barcodes are reported].