Rule for FASTQ files

  1. Click Click to add a new upload rule to open the upload rule menu.
  2. Unique Name: Give a unique name to the new upload rule (i.e., upload_fastq).
  3. Local Folder: Define a path to the directory on your computer or server where the parent folder is located that contains all FASTQ files. FASTQ files need to be provided in compressed format (FASTQ.GZ). We recommend to create separate folders within the parent folder that include FASTQ files from individual experiments.


All the files that are located in the selected Local Folder will immediately be uploaded.
Please note, the folder you select should not be your home directory.

  1. Leave the File Pattern, Location, Protocol unchanged.


All protocols have the same level of security. SFTP is lower than FTPS, but more firewall friendly.

  1. Type of Files: Select FASTQ from the dropdown menu.