Subclones (Graphic)


  • Visual representation of subclones in boxplot format.
    Each boxplot refers to either (1) one of the loaded sample visualizing different-colored subclones (Group by Sample option) or (2) one subclone visualizing different-colored samples (Group by Subclone option).
  • The Subclones image may be exported as a high-resolution image by clicking the icon on the top right corner of the image . Supported file formats include PNG, SVG, and PDF.



  • Visual representation of the relative clone sizes per sample and clone size changes across samples with a Fish Plot. Order and relative spacing of samples may be defined by numeric values on the left side bar, as in the image below. Subclone table can be viewed by clicking on the blue button at the right hand side corner










  • Visual representation (heatmap) of the relationship between clones using allele frequencies (AF) and genotype (NGT) values. This graphic displays variant genotypes/allele frequencies that constitute the clones, along with a dendogram depicting the relationships among the clones.

options available to toggle between using AF and NGT to generate the heatmap as below, this option can be accessed by clicking the blue button on the right hand side top corner