Custom panel design simplified: Tapestri Designer’s easy-to-use interface allows you to complete custom panel design in minutes.

Flexibilty on-demand: With every gene in the exome cataloged, you can select any gene or exonic region. Empowering you to match your specific research needs.

Quality for your research: Cost-effective sequencing from high-quality, uniform custom panels produced with AI and machine learning-powered design algorithms.

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“Tapestri Designer is pioneering to the whole single-cell field. It is incredibly easy to use, and it has significantly reduced our design turnaround time. This is essential as we plan to run several custom panels across a variety of cancer indications on the Tapestri Platform.”

—Toon Swings, Life Science Technology Specialist at VIB Tech Watch

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“We use cutting edge single-cell techniques like the Tapestri Platform to give us insights into the selective advantages certain mutations confer in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, along with the examining clonal heterogeneity including in the detection of minimal residual disease.”

—Ross Levine, MD