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High throughput single-cell detection of multiplex CRISPR-edited gene modifications.

Ten Hacken, E. et al.
Genome Biology (2020)

CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing has transformed our ability to rapidly interrogate the functional impact of somatic mutations in human cancers. Droplet-based technology enables the analysis of Cas9-introduced gene edits in thousands of single cells. Using this technology, we analyze Ba/F3 cells engineered to express single or multiplexed loss-of-function mutations recurrent in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Our approach reliably quantifies mutational co-occurrences, zygosity status, and the occurrence of Cas9 edits at single-cell resolution.


Ten Hacken, E., Clement, K., Li, S., Hernández-Sánchez, M., Redd, R., Wang, S., Ruff, D., Gruber, M., Baranowski, K., Jacob, J., Flynn, J., Jones, K.W., Neuberg, D., Livak, K.J., Pinello, L., Wu, C.J.


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