Focus your time and budget with targeted custom panels relevant to your research

Create unique custom panels for single-cell SNV, indel, CNV and LOH analysis with our simple-to-use online design website. Gain insights into rare mutations and subclonal populations in complex diseases or biological processes. Custom panel data is integrated with our Tapestri Insights Software for streamlined analysis. Tapestri Custom Panels enable you to access single-cell DNA heterogeneity in the applications most important to you.


  • Detect variants with designs targeting whole genes, transcripts, chromosome regions, or target SNPs, small indels, CNVs and LOH locations
  • Multiplex from 20 to 1000 target amplicons in a single panel
  • Simple and intuitive online design website
  • Customize existing catalog panels with targets of interest
  • Expert bioinformatic and technical support for panel design inquiries