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Untangle the Complexity of Cancer.

Determine the sources of resistance, response, and relapse

Tapestri single-cell DNA panels and protein panels are highly sensitive and customizable panels that enable true multi-omics analysis on the Tapestri Platform. Whether identifying co-mutation patterns and zygosity in subclones, or cellular identities and subtle cell states, Tapestri single-cell DNA panels and protein panels can be applied across a wide range of discovery and translational research applications.

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Tapestri single-cell DNA and protein panels: Trace biomarkers for patient response and relapse

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The only comprehensive single-cell DNA platform
Identify SNVs, indels, CNVs, LOH, and translocations from the DNA of thousands of individual cells
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The only single-cell DNA and protein platform
Incorporate protein panels and a simple cell-staining protocol to profile genotype and phenotype simultaneously in single cells
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Flexibility across analytes and applications
Focus on your regions of interest with targeted content that allows flexibility in experimental design and budget

Custom DNA Panels with Tapestri Designer

With the easy-to-use and intuitive Tapestri Designer software, your custom design can be completed within minutes. Primer design algorithms and multiplex PCR biochemistry have been optimized for the Tapestri Platform so that you can be confident of high design coverage and high panel uniformity. Custom DNA panels can be paired with oligo-conjugated antibodies to enable simultaneous detection of genotype and phenotype from the same cell for true single-cell multi-omics insights.


Hematology Panels

Clonal evolution is foundational to disease progression in hematologic malignancies, which can impact therapy response, resistance, relapse, and residual disease. Tapestri single-cell hematology panels provide insight into disease drivers and mutation patterns missed during bulk sequencing. By interrogating clonal architecture, rare subclones associated with remission and therapeutic resistance can be identified.

Available DNA Panels
Available Protein Panels

Solid Tumor Panel

Cellular heterogeneity in solid tumor cancers impacts clonal evolution and patient outcomes. Single-cell DNA solid tumor profiling enables high resolution of the genomic diversity in a variety of tumor types by interrogating specific regions in oncogenes and tumor suppressors.

Available DNA Panel

Hear how the order of mutatation acquisition was unambiguously resolved with single-cell sequencing.

Linde Miles, Ph.D, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


DNA Is Our Foundation

Providing cancer researchers with the only single-cell multi-omics solution that simultaneously detects SNV, CNV, and protein data from the same cell.

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Single-cell Genomics (DNA)
Detect rare clonal populations and identify co-occurrence and zygosity.
Characterize genomic heterogeneity using a single, comprehensive platform.
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Single-cell Multi-omics (DNA+)
DNA + Protein
Gain a true multi-omics picture from genotype to phenotype.

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