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Precision Medicine

We’re using genomics and precision medicine to help you characterize diseases and advanced therapeutics.

Tapestri enables precision disease profiling and therapeutic characterization at the single-cell level to empower next-generation therapies.

Why Single-Cell for Precision Medicine?

Resolving complex biology at the single cell level is crucial to the understanding of disease, and ultimately unlocking novel therapies. While advances have been made in precision medicine, challenges in fully understanding disease profiles at the clonal level and comprehensive characterization of ex vivo cell therapeutics still remain. Clinicians and drug developers require better tools to unravel the complex heterogeneity underlying disease progression, treatment response, and therapeutic resistance. Furthermore, they need precise and comprehensive solutions for product characterization, as they move from the bench to the clinic.

A Deeper Understanding Across A Patient Journey

The Tapestri Platform is the only single-cell platform that enables targeted and high-throughput single-cell DNA sequencing and proteogenomic characterization. Clinicians and researchers can leverage Tapestri to measure both genotype and phenotype data from the same cell, across thousands of single cells, to provide the high-resolution lens necessary to characterize the clonal heterogeneity across an entire patient journey. Additionally, the single-cell multi-omics capability enables drug developers to profile disease accurately over time and measure the variation that exists in therapeutic agents and their effects early in discovery — ultimately empowering them to accelerate the discovery, development, and delivery of precision medicine.


Single-cell Applications in Therapeutics

Therapeutic Resistance
Therapeutic Resistance
Reveal therapy resistance mechanisms through course of treatment.
Single-cell DNA sequencing reveals complex mechanisms of resistance to quizartinib
Measurable Residual Disease
Measurable Residual Disease
Monitor disease during remission to track MRD
Identify residual disease and potential therapeutic strategies
Analytical Characterization of Cell and Gene Therapies
Analytical Characterization of Cell and Gene Therapies
Characterize your cell and gene therapies better
Deepen your understanding of the variation and complexity of therapeutic agents during early development

Two Ways to Access Single-cell Solutions

Mission Bio's PAD Services ↔ Complete Platform Solution

Top Pharma Companies Partner with Mission Bio

Mission Bio partners with pharma and biopharma companies across drug and advanced therapy development programs to implement proven single-cell multi-omics capabilities into discovery, translational, and clinical research efforts.

Applications of Interest

Biomarker Development
Stratify patients for clinical trials with greater efficiency
Cell and Gene Therapy
Develop safe and efficacious solutions with single-cell analysis
Pharma Assay Development
Partnered with leading pharma companies to enable end-to-end services and support

“Bulk DNA and protein measurements are the cornerstones of cancer diagnostics. When I look at the Tapestri platform’s ability to bring this to the single cell level and think about the arc of a cancer patient, it’s easy to see where the Tapestri platform can touch the patient’s journey through their cancer diagnosis and treatment at multiple different stages – That’s powerful.”

Todd Druley, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer, Mission Bio

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