Simple software workflow for your
complex single-cell clonal analysis

Tapestri Pipeline

Step 1: Input your data

Generate variant calls from single-cell sequencing data

Tapestri Insights

Step 2: Explore your subclones

Identify relevant variants, their zygosity as well as co-occurring & rare mutations

Simple workflow

High accuracy

Powerful visualizations

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“The simplicity of Tapestri Pipeline and Insights Software has helped us easily identify and visualize subclones, enabling us to focus on the underlying biology of novel single-cell data, rather than complex data analysis.”

Cheryl Cohler, MD

Tapestri Pipeline

Cell identification & Variant calling

Fastq files to variants in a single click

Easily scale your bioinformatics applications and pipelines, set-up projects, view results and collaborate.

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Sequencing reads
(50-200M+ reads)

Cellular Barcode
(50-200M+ reads)

cell identification
(5-10K Cells)

Variant Calling
(1K+ Variants)

Tapestri Insights

Variant filtering & Subclone visualization

Explore clone distribution with key annotations.

From sequence import to data analysis and publication-ready visualization, this turnkey software ensures you gain meaningful insights into your data.

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