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Drive Therapeutic 
Success With Streamlined Analytical Characterization

Harness the full power of single-cell multi-omics through PAD services, and accelerate your cell and gene therapeutic development and manufacturing.


Why PAD Services for 
Cell & Gene Therapy Development?

PAD services are the only way to fully leverage the Tapestri platform to consolidate assays, produce multi-attribute datasets, and glean powerful single-cell insights to advance your analytical characterization program. Our PAD team will work closely with you to develop, run, validate, and transfer these powerful assays to your site, CRO, or CDMO of choice to accelerate your release of market-ready cell and gene therapeutics.

Expedite Your Therapy Development Pipeline


“For the first time, we are able to measure multiple therapeutic parameters simultaneously, such as vector copy number, transduction efficiency, gene editing outcomes, and genomic stability. And we can do it in a matter of days, minimizing sample usage and accelerating data insights that may provide critical indicators of safety and potency. The Tapestri® Platform’s ability to provide these analytics in a consistent, high-resolution manner at the single-cell level, while eliminating laborious steps, addresses the industry’s top concerns.”

Chris Mason , Professor of Cell & Gene Therapy,
University College London

PAD Services Support & Process

Fully Customized Single-Cell Analysis Integration 

PAD services develop custom assays based on client need and drug development phase. We recognize and can aid in dealing with the heightened challenge of assessing the safety and efficacy of CGT products compared to conventional therapies due to the many potential variations between genetically altered cells.


Once a custom assay is developed and validated, our PAD services team will provide the support and installation required to get the assay up and running.


  • Sample: Control cell lines
  • Includes client’s product specific panel
  • Initial analysis methods testing is conducted on a preliminary set of experiments to establish Tapestri for intended use
Phase 2: Preliminary assay validation
  • Sample: Experimental cell lines
  • Intent is to confirm assay specificity, sensitivity, and linearity
  • Possibility to expand across multiple drug products or lots
Phase 3: Transfer GMP ready assay to Client or CDMO
  • Tapestri instrument installation, premium training
  • Operational and performance qualifications (IOQ/PQ)
  • Lot-controlled customized product bundle for transfer and assay qualification


  • Final transfer report
  • Wet lab and sequencing procedures
  • Cloud-hosted bioinformatics pipeline and user guide
  • Formal documentation

Our team has successfully supported design transfer to drug sponsors, CROs, and CDMOs, fully integrating the power of single-cell assays during drug manufacturing and lot release.

Driving Success Through PAD Partnership

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