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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help researchers and clinicians unlock single-cell biology to enable the discovery, development, and delivery of precision medicine.

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What We Do

Driven by audacious goals, we’re on a mission to enable researchers and clinicians to eradicate cancer.

Who We Are

Our employees are our most valuable assets, and we pursue our mission by:

Tackling the biggest challenges for the highest impact
Building our company and community inspired by our customers’ work
Ensuring responsibility and accountability while providing innovative solutions


Mission Bio is a company of passionate people dedicated to solving complex biological problems with precision engineering, innovative biochemistry, and supported bioinformatics.

Scientific Advisory Board

Focusing on translational oncology, biomarker discovery, and drug development, our Scientific Advisory Board is foundational to our commitment to enabling our customers to eradicate cancer and accelerate the development and delivery of advanced therapeutics.


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