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Adam Sciambi, PhD
Co-Founder and Senior
Director, Technology & Systems

Adam is a co-founder of Mission Bio and heads cartridge and instrument development as Director of Engineering. He was first initiated into microfluidics when he joined Adam Abate’s UCSF lab after receiving a PhD in Applied Physics from Stanford. As a postdoc at UCSF, he took the fabrication and engineering skillset learned from condensed matter physics and applied it to droplet manipulation, ultimately codeveloping the technology that became the core of Mission Bio. He continues to be interested in tackling complex, interdisciplinary problems with physics.


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Our mission is to help researchers and clinicians unlock single-cell biology to enable the discovery, development, and delivery of precision medicine.

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Mission Bio is a company of passionate people dedicated to solving complex biological problems with precision engineering, innovative biochemistry, and supported bioinformatics.

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