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Life at Mission Bio

At Mission Bio, we pride ourselves on being high performers who enjoy learning, collaborating, and making an impact through technology by creating meaningful solutions.

We don’t just work for ourselves and for one another – we work for humanity. We are a diverse team, guided by our mission and energized by our collaborative environment, compassion, and sense of urgency to achieve our goals.

Leaders across the fields of science, technology, engineering, and medicine have all joined our team for one reason: to use their talent to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. This shared belief helps give our team a sense of common purpose and builds camaraderie that makes our journey together its own reward.

“I joined Mission Bio as an intern. It’s my first industry experience in the Bay Area. The work culture and ethics are much more welcoming than I had expected. Mission Bio definitely treats each employee as part of the family and ensures they keep each other motivated and focused. With all work and also some play, it’s a great environment for one’s professional growth.”

Khushali Patel, BioChem R&D Intern

“I am passionate about enabling cures for cancer because I have been personally affected by cancer with the loss of family members. I feel that my work here will directly translate into improving the clinical outcomes of patients and will accelerate cancer research. I feel that many of my coworkers share this passion, so our shared vision translates to a great culture.”

Jim Flynn, Senior Product Manager

“Being a part of Mission Bio means being a part of something bigger and better than myself. As I worked with teams around the world, I quickly learned science never sleeps. Working with so many people around the clock for the commonality of discovering the mechanisms of cancer showed me how committed everyone is to this gargantuan endeavor and how vital teamwork is.”

Brittney Le, Informatics Intern

Celebrating Diversity, Inclusion, and Women in Science

Mission Bio is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion. Our people are our most valuable asset. We embrace and encourage the differences and characteristics that make our employees unique.

Perks & Benefits

Our People Come First

We care deeply about how we work and how we treat each other, and that comes straight from the top. Mission Bio’s approach to benefits, compensation, and well-being is what we call Total Rewards. It’s designed to be competitive and align with our Talent Philosophy of recognizing and rewarding individual performance.
We are always looking for talented people to join our team.
Comprehensive Health Benefits
Key Amenities Onsite
Some Playtime at Work
Connected to Our Community

Open Positions

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