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Mission Bio Brings the Power of Single-Cell Genomics Worldwide with Key Partnerships in Europe and Asia


Eldan, part of the Neopharma group in Israel, Bucher Biotec AG in Switzerland, Imperial Life Sciences in India and several others will accelerate global reach of the Tapestri Platform


SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (December 5, 2019) Mission Bio, Inc., the pioneer in single-cell multi-omics and high-throughput DNA analysis today announced that it has entered into distribution agreements with Eldan, part of the Neopharma group in Israel, Bucher Biotec AG in Switzerland, and Imperial Life Sciences in India. These and several other distributors add to Mission Bio’s global expansion to reach key areas of growth and demand for single-cell technologies. The deals bring the power of the Mission Bio Tapestri® Platform and its unique single-cell multi-omics capabilities to the European and Asian-Pacific markets.


The complexity of disease evolution and therapy response requires comprehensive tools to characterize how DNA mutations drive disease at the cellular level, including functional changes in RNA and protein expression. To deliver on the promise of precision medicine with more impactful, durable therapies, we require a deeper understanding of all analytes of the cell. Fueled by this fact, the global single-cell multi-omics market is set to reach more than $5 billion in the next five years, with the broader genomics market skyrocketing to more than $27 billion.


“There is enormous growth and appetite for advanced genomic capabilities in European and Asia-Pacific markets, especially a need for higher resolution in detecting and identifying cancer cells,” said Darrin Crisitello, Chief Commercial Officer of Mission Bio. “These additional partners help us meet this global demand and offer customers the full spectrum of single-cell genotype and phenotype analysis, for a more complete understanding of cancer.”


The Mission Bio Tapestri Platform is the only single-cell multi-omics platform available to simultaneously detect SNVs, CNVs, and protein from the same cell, giving clinicians and researchers the level of precision and resolution needed to more accurately measure therapy response and disease progression.


Earlier this year Mission Bio announced its distribution partnership with Novogene in China and Hong Kong and with these additional partnerships, the Tapestri Platform is now available in over 30 countries.


To find out which countries the Tapestri Platform is available in, please email


About Mission Bio
Mission Bio delivers targeted solutions for high impact applications with the Tapestri Platform. The Tapestri Platform is the industry’s first and only single-cell multi-omics platform, enabling genotype and phenotype from the same cell, and precise detection of heterogeneity in disease progression and treatment response. Application areas include blood cancers, solid tumors, and genome editing validation.

The company’s Tapestri Platform was also honored as a Top 10 Innovation of 2018 by The Scientist, as well as utilized by researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) for the largest single-cell study completed to date. With Mission Bio, researchers have a highly sensitive, targeted, and customizable solution to move precision medicine forward.


Media Contact:

Kathryn Ryan

VSC for Mission Bio
(631) 255-5281

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