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Get the whole picture—down to the single-cell level

Introducing the Tapestri Single-cell Multiple Myeloma Multiomics Solution

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Track Cancer’s Most Critical Moments

Numerous genomic events and complex clonality in multiple myeloma (MM) render it a challenging disease with a high relapse rate despite advancements in therapies and diagnostic approaches.

Tapestri single-cell multiomics analysis can transform how to tackle the complexities of multiple myeloma and its precursor stages by integrating genomic, proteomic, and clonotypic subclonal assessment with single-cell resolution, all within a single assay.

With the Tapestri Single-cell Multiple Myeloma Multiomics Solution, you gain crucial insights into the clonal heterogeneity and evolution underlying myeloma progression, therapy response, and relapse often overlooked by traditional bulk methods, potentially informing the development of better therapies and combination therapy regimens.

Hotspot Mutations in Driver & Resistance Genes

Assess clonal heterogeneity & evolution in Multiple Myeloma (includes SNV and focal CNA)


Discern zygosity of detected mutations impacting disease progression or drug resistance


Analyze whole 
genome copy number gains and losses

V(D)J Clonotyping

Identify Ig clonotype in the CDR3 region


Classify cell types and identify immunotherapy targets such as BCMA

Primary Applications

Understand Disease Evolution From MGUS or SMM

  • Assess early clonality driving myeloma transformation
  • Pinpoint subclonal drivers of disease evolution before clinical indicators appear
  • Understand therapy response mechanisms to study early intervention

Immunotherapy Development & Optimization

  • Identify heterogeneity of druggable targets (eg. BCMA, FcRH5)
  • Elucidate mechanisms of resistance to therapies like CAR-T & bispecifics
  • Determine the zygosity of mutations linked to MM progression or drug resistance

Learn about our cell therapy characterization solution.


Understand Disease Biology Using Cancer Models

  • Recapitulate MM in mouse or humanized models to uncover molecular pathogenesis
  • Assess clonal heterogeneity & evolution in preclinical models
  • Discover druggable targets and identify promising drug candidates


From Stealth to Spotlight

Single-Cell Identification of SMM Clones Driving Myeloma Progression and Therapy Resistance

Learn how to identify SMM clonal populations progressing to active myeloma or resistant disease with a true multiomics platform that can quantitatively correlate multiple features from SMM subclones including SNVs, genome-wide CNVs, Ig clonotype, and surface protein expression.

Featuring Adam Sciambi, PhD
CTO, Mission Bio


Tapestri Single-cell Meyloma Multiomics Solution

Get everything you need to conduct single-cell multiomics analysis of multiple myeloma in your lab with this fully-supported, all-in-one package.
  • Tapestri Instrument
  • Tapestri Single-cell Multiple Myeloma Multiomics Kit including:
    • DNA + Protein Core Kit
    • Multiple Myeloma DNA Panel
    • Genome-Wide CNV Panel
    • Multiple Myeloma Antibody Cocktail
  • Software-Based Analysis
(via Portal Access or On-Premise Activation)
  • Sample Multiplexing by Genotyping

Assay Content

• Coverage of key driver and resistance genes, genome-wide copy number variations (CNVs), V(D)J clonotype, and cell lineage & immunotherapy markers

• Available to purchase as a complete solution or as standalone panels

Overview of Tapestri Single-Cell Multiple Myeloma Multiomics Assay Content

Targets covered
Tapestri Single-Cell DNA Multiple Myeloma Panel
Hotspot mutations in driver & resistance genes
47 genes associated with multiple myeloma and therapy resistance
Focal copy number aberrations (CNA)
10 genes with focal copy number aberrations
V(D)J clonotype
CDR3 region of the IgH, IgK, and IgL chains
Tapestri Single-Cell DNA Genome-Wide CNV Panel
Genome-wide copy number variations
All chromosome arms except chrY
TotalSeq-D Multiple Myeloma Antibody Cocktail
Cell surface antigens
19-plex antibody oligonucleotide conjugates targeting cell lineage markers & theraputic targets

The Tapestri Multiple Myeloma Workflow

Single-сell DNA Multiple Myeloma Panel
Single-cell DNA Genome-wide CNV Panel

Genome-wide copy number variations

500 amplicon panel uniformly covering nearly the entire genome.

TotalSeq-D Multiple Myeloma Antibody Cocktail

19 antibody oligonucleotide conjugates (AOCs)

Surface antigen makers for cell type classification and therapeutic target identification.

Emerging targets for immunotherapy covered by our assay

The Tapestri Multiple Myeloma Workflow

Our streamlined multiple myeloma workflow allows you to multiplex bone marrow samples on the Tapestri Platform, sequence the libraries on an NGS platform, and then easily analyze the results using the Tapestri Multiple Myeloma Software. The Solution can integrate SNVs, focal CNAs, genome-wide CNVs, V(D)J clonotype, and immunophenotype.

Partnering with Mission Bio

To support you and your drug development, we provide full service as a strategic partner for you from single-cell assay design, sample processing, through to data analysis and visualization. Whether we offer services internally or in partnership with qualified CROs, we are dedicated to the accelerated success of your drug development programs.

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