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Ask the questions you could never ask before

Mission Bio’s Tapestri Solution for Solid Tumor Research is empowering cancer researchers to ask and explore questions that were previously inconceivable. From deciphering the order of mutation acquisition to accurately measuring genomics changes like SNVs and CNVs across thousands of individual cells, Tapestri is bringing a new standard of clarity to solid tumor research.

Unprecedented resolution with the Tapestri Solution for Solid Tumor Research

In order to stop cancer in its tracks, before it begins, and while undergoing treatment, we need high-resolution tools capable of unmasking the underlying genetic diversity across cell populations by providing insights into the clonal architecture, mutation co-occurrence, and rare mutations driving tumor progression and therapy resistance.

Mission Bio Tapestri Platform

Single-cell DNA sequencing using the Tapestri Platform provides the resolution required to profile thousands of individual cells or nuclei, enabling a much richer characterization of tumor heterogeneity and clonality.

Tapestri Platform Benefits

  • Simultaneously measures SNVs, indels, and arm-level and gene-level copy number variations (CNVs), including loss of heterozygosity (LOH) at the single-cell level across up to 10,000 cells
  • Unambiguously identifies variant zygosity and mutational co-occurrence
  • Detects rare cell populations

The new end-to-end single-cell DNA sequencing workflow on the Tapestri Platform includes single-cell DNA panels for solid tumor research, nuclei isolation prep protocol, and an improved single-cell CNV analysis tool. With this new workflow, solid tumor researchers can now utilize Tapestri to elucidate the mechanisms of drug resistance through mutation acquisition, determine how cells transform from benign to malignant states, and reveal the genomic changes enabling cancer cells to metastasize.

Tapestri Single-cell DNA Panels for Solid Tumors
Tumor Hotspot Panel
Catalog Panel targeting 59 hotspot genes
Learn more
Breast Cancer Research Panel V2
Virtual Panel targeting 32 hotspot genes and 30 copy number variants and chromosome arm aneuploidies
Learn more
Glioblastoma Multiforme Research Panel
Virtual Panel targeting 10 hotspot genes and 6 copy number variants and chromosome arm aneuploidies
Learn more
Custom Panels for Solid Tumor Research
Fully customizable panels for maximum flexibility. Easily order a custom panel using Tapestri Designer.
Learn more

Powerful data visualizations

3 fresh frozen breast cancer tissue samples (infiltrating ductal carcinoma, NOS) were run on the Tapestri Platform using the Tapestri Single-cell DNA Breast Cancer Research Panel. Shown here are a) heatmap derived from SNV data showing estimated ploidy and visualizations of copy number gains and losses at the b) arm-level and c) gene-level for one sample.

See the data

Application of high-throughput, high-depth, targeted single-nucleus DNA sequencing in pancreatic cancer
Zhang H et al. BioRxiv (2022)
Reconstructing mutational lineages in breast cancer by multi-patient-targeted single cell DNA sequencing
Leighton J et al. BioRxiv (2022)
Diverse alterations associated with resistance to KRAS(G12C) inhibition
Zhao Y et al. Nature (2021)
V211D Mutation in MEK1 Causes Resistance to MEK Inhibitors in Colon Cancer
Gao, Y. et al. Cancer Discovery (2019)

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