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Marcia Eisenberg, PhD

Marcia Eisenberg, PhD, is Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President of Labcorp Diagnostics, where she oversees research and development, as well as science and technology, including test development, optimization and automation, and licensing and business development. She has worked on the development and validation of hundreds of clinical assays during her 30-year tenure at Labcorp and its predecessor company, Roche Biomedical Laboratories. Prior to Labcorp, Dr. Eisenberg worked with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, where she developed PCR-based testing. She also served as a member of the FBI’s Technical Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods and was an appointed member of the National DNA Advisory Board. Dr. Eisenberg has been recognized for her contributions to the advancement of forensic DNA testing and was recently awarded with a Women in Genomics award by Illumina. She considers her most significant achievements as the advancement of science leading to new testing and drug development to support physicians in patient care and mentoring colleagues. Dr. Eisenberg holds a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Kentucky and a BS in biology, a BA in psychology, and an MS in molecular biology from the State University of New York at Albany.

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