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Use Custom Gene Panels to Unravel the Threads of Cancer’s Complexity

Explore pathways. Discover biomarkers. Change lives.

Tapestri Designer software allows you to complete a custom DNA panel design quickly. Powered by AI technology and optimized for the Tapestri Platform, our primer design and multiplex PCR ensure robust results you can trust. Custom DNA panels can also be paired with olio-conjugated antibodies to enable simultaneous detection of genotype and phenotype from the same cells — providing a detailed multimodal dataset.


Tapestri Designer for Custom DNA Panels:
Get the biomarkers at the sources of disease

DNA helix icon
Best single-cell custom DNA panel performance
Order with confidence using optimized design parameters with high coverage and uniformity for the Tapestri workflow
cancer cell icon
Expansive application set
Support for human, mouse, or any other genome of interest to design oncology panels for SNV and CNV analysis or genome editing panels covering on- and off-target edits
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Simple workflow
Quickly enter the target coordinates or database IDs to create a custom panel, and then visualize the targeted coverage

The Tapestri Designer Workflow

Design a custom DNA panel in 3 easy steps.

With the intuitive Tapestri Designer software, your custom panel design can be completed quickly and easily. With optimized primer design algorithms and multiplex PCR biochemistry, you can be confident of high design coverage and high panel uniformity. Custom DNA panels can also be paired with oligo-conjugated antibodies to enable simultaneous detection of genotype and phenotype from the same cells, enabling valuable multimodal insights.

Upload .CSV file or paste genomic targets for your genome.
A monitor screen with an upload logo
Add, remove, or edit targets and resolve any errors.
A monitor screen with a log in page
Submit your targets and your Single-cell DNA Custom Panel will be designed.
A monitor screen with data charts

Learn how a custom single-cell panel is used to study acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) for the first time in a high-throughput single-cell study.

Jan Cools, PhD, VIB


Have novel applications or challenging panel design requirements?

Our team of experts is ready to support requests for DNA fusions, unique target sequences (CRISPR translocation events, viral integration, etc.), regions with high GC content, or large panels.


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