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Why Choose Designer

Best single-cell custom panel performance
Order with confidence using optimized design parameters with high coverage and uniformity for the Tapestri workflow
Expansive application set
Support for human and mouse genomes to design oncology panels for SNV and CNV analysis or genome editing panels covering on- and off-target edits
Simple workflow
Quickly enter the target coordinates or database IDs to create a curated panel in minutes, then visualize the targeted coverage

The Tapestri Designer Workflow

Design a custom DNA panel in 3 easy steps.

Account SETUP
Enter credentials to access Tapestri Designer, Tapestri Pipeline, and Tapestri Insights.
Upload your csv files or enter gene, ID, or coordinate targets.
Submit your targets, and results are available within minutes.

Have novel applications or challenging panel design requirements?

Our team of experts is ready to support requests for DNA fusions, unique target sequences (CRISPR translocation events, viral integration, etc.), regions with high GC content, or large panels.


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