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Scientific presentation

Confidently Validate Cancer Models for Precision Medicine

Dr. Robert Bowman
Divya Rao


Genome editing as a tool to generate different combinations of mutations across clones, modeling cancer, has been widely adopted by researchers who are looking to recapitulate disease in a humanized model. However, CRISPR-induced gene editing can result in heterogeneous editing outcomes such as variations in zygosity, off-target effects, and co-occurring multiplex edits. In particular, measurement of multiplex gene editing has posed a challenge. Measuring these outcomes accurately cannot be done by traditional sequencing without lengthy clonal outgrowth steps and hours of computational work.

In this webinar, Dr. Robert L. Bowman, Assistant Professor of Cancer Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, will:

  • Discuss how single-cell DNA sequencing provided insights into the mutant-specific alterations involved in leukemic transformation from premalignant clonal hematopoiesis to AML.
  • Share how they generated an integrated multi-recombinase (Cre, Flp, and Dre) tool (genetically engineered mouse models) for modeling reversible, sequential mutagenesis from premalignant clonal hematopoiesis to acute myeloid leukemia.
  • Used single-cell DNA sequencing to model sequential mutagenesis and deterministically investigate mechanisms of transformation and oncogenic dependency in the context of clonal evolution.
  • Share thoughts/perspective on the importance of building disease models that can recapitulate human disease and how single-cell DNA sequencing can be a useful confirmation tool.


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