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Characterize Cell and Gene Therapies Better

Develop safe and efficacious solutions with single-cell analysis.

Why Single Cell for Cell and Gene Therapies?

Whether it is genome-editing systems or viral vector systems, single-cell analysis uncovers the changes that are made to the DNA from thousands of single cells per sample. Uncover the clonality within the sample after editing protocols have been executed, and verify what percentage of the cells have the desired DNA edits or insertions. Use a custom single-cell DNA panel designed with Tapestri Designer to measure zygosity, co-occurrence of multiple edits, on and predicted off-target events, aberrant translocations, and viral and/or DNA integration. Use single-cell information for the rapid optimization of genome editing of viral/DNA integration protocols during therapy development and streamlined testing and release of edited or integrated cells during manufacturing of therapeutic products.

It is time to stop developing therapies in the dark

A schematic of cell and gene therapy during development and production
Integrate single-cell analysis into current cell and gene therapy development and production workflows
Deep understanding of cell and gene therapy genome editing protocols enabled with single-cell sequencing

Agilent Technologies
A microtube containing heterogeneous population of cells and a gauge that points to 75%
Quantify vector and delivered genomic targets from thousands of single cells
In-depth quantification of cell and gene therapy DNA integrations enabled with Single-cell sequencing

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Cell culture plates with an x over it
Measure more parameters from a single assay without the need for lengthy cell outgrowth protocols
High throughput single-cell detection of multiplex CRISPR-edited gene modifications.

Dr. Catherine Wu, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

“For the first time ever, we have created a transduction assay that delivers results in days, not months. And the results are incredibly reliable.”

Azadeh Golipour, PhD., AVROBIO


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The Tapestri Platform

The first and only single-cell multi-omics platform developed to reveal biomarkers that help stratify patients, signal resistance, and predict relapse.
Tapestri product image with an instrument, reagent kit and analysis software displaying a fish plot
Tapestri Platform
An end-to-end workflow from sample preparation to visualization with publication-ready insights for single-cell analysis.
Targeted panels provide focus on key regions of interest for efficient use of sequencing budget and analysis time.

Partnering with Mission Bio

To support the development and quality control of your cell and gene therapy programs, we provide full service as a strategic partner for you from study design, assay design, sample processing, through to data analysis and interpretation. Whether we offer services internally or in partnership with qualified CROs, we are dedicated to the accelerated success of your cell and gene therapies.

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