Rewiring Cancer Care in China with Single-Cell Genomics

Rewiring Cancer Care in China with Single-Cell Genomics

In China, four people die of cancer every minute. The first-ever nationwide survey on the subject found that China’s cancer survival rate is less than half that of the United States.

Current methods in cancer care rely on traditional bulk next-generation sequencing (NGS), and China is one of the world’s largest NGS markets. The trouble here, though, lies in the method: NGS relies on sample averages, therefore often missing the underlying genetic diversity that drives cancer forward.

To change this story, we have to rewrite the approach.

Cancer is fundamentally a single cell disease. It takes just one cancerous cell of the 37 trillion in our body to develop.

So, to effectively combat cancer — to both detect it sooner and develop the most impactful, dynamic therapies — we need to be able to understand it at the single cell level.

At Mission Bio, we’re doing just that. As the only single-cell targeted DNA solution available to more precisely identify cancer cell mutation profiles, our Tapestri Platform offers a precise way to measure therapy response and disease progression for more impactful cancer care.

And now, we’re bringing the power of single-cell genomics — the power of Tapestri — to China.

Through a distribution agreement with Novogene, a leading provider of genomic services and solutions globally, our team has officially launched sales of our Tapestri Platform to the Chinese market. We’re thrilled to expand the reach of single-cell genomics to help save even more lives and accelerate our mission to predict and prevent cancer relapse on a global scale.

We look forward to helping rewrite this story.

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