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June 5, 2019 by Kelly Kaihara, PhD 2 min read

2019 Single-cell DNA-Seq Grant Challenge

Congratulations Dr. Angela Fleischman and Dr. Adam Mead – Kelly Kaihara, Market Development Manager, Mission Bio

The Mission Bio team is pleased to announce this year’s winners of the 2019 Single-Cell DNA-Seq Grant Challenge. We had many strong applicants from across the US and Europe, including applicants from the NIH, VIB, and MD Anderson just to name a few. Our selection committee really enjoyed talking with the applicants and learning how they would apply Mission Bio’s technology of single-cell DNA sequencing to answer their research questions. The applicants spanned a vast array of different research applications, including hematology, solid tumor, CRISPR, immuno-oncology, and neurobiology.

We would like to congratulate Dr. Angela Fleischman from the University of California Irvine, and Dr. Adam Mead from The University of Oxford as the winners of Mission Bio’s 2019 Grant Challenge. They will both receive an end-to-end run of 4 samples of their choice on the Tapestri Instrument, including wet-lab processing, sequencing, and data processing through Mission Bio’s software suite, Tapestri Pipeline and Tapestri Insights. In addition, they will receive either a Mission Bio catalog panel on AML, Myeloid, CLL or Tumor Hotspot, or design their own custom panel of up to 300 amplicons using Tapestri Designer.

Dr. Angela Fleischman is an MD at UC Irvine and focuses on Myeloproliferative Neoplasms and the zygosity of JAK2 in familial patient samples. The Mission Bio single-cell Tapestri platform excels at resolving zygosity, co-occurrence of mutations, and low variant allele frequencies. We are excited that Dr. Fleischman will be able to get this added resolution from her patient samples in the context of an important hematologic disease, studying a unique angle of familial heritability.

Dr. Adam Mead is a pioneer in the single-cell field, and along with senior author, Alba Rodriguez-Meira, recently published a novel method in the journal Molecular Cell called TARGET-seq to do parallel DNA and RNA sequencing from the same single cell. They would now like to use Mission Bio’s Tapestri platform to obtain a large number of cells and gain a more comprehensive picture of the clonal heterogeneity in their samples.

We are excited about both applications and look forward to updating our readers in a few months on the results of their experiments. We truly were impressed and fortunate this year to have received so many high quality applications. It is a testament to the growth in single-cell DNA sequencing, and how it can be applied to a breadth of applications. We thank all of our applicants for applying.


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