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April 27, 2020 by Darrin Crisitello 2 min read

Mission Bio and Agilent Technologies Partner to Advance Precision Medicine

Today, Mission Bio is pleased to announce we have entered into a co-marketing partnership with Agilent Technologies. With this alliance, Mission Bio will have access to Agilent’s commercialization channels to drive adoption of our Tapestri Platform, the industry’s first and only multi-omic device to analyze both DNA and protein at the single-cell level.  

To understand the value of this milestone, it may be helpful to first understand the value of single-cell. The average human body has over 37 trillion cells, each with unique function and behaves differently in response to a certain treatment. Next-generation sequencing methods detect how the average cell within a group behaves, but the average is not precise enough.  By contrast, single-cell sequencing technologies such as Mission Bio’s Tapestri Platform can detect rare cancer subclones and co-occurring cancer mutations to measure therapy response and disease progression. As a result, our Tapestri Platform’s targeted sequencing method is fundamentally changing how researchers understand cancer. 

The level of sensitivity and specificity that Tapestri achieves intrigued Agilent Technologies. We’ve been fortunate to have Agilent as an investor partner since 2014, and the team has itself leveraged Tapestri as a quality control method for its genome-editing research, analyzing the off-target effects of CRISPR for therapeutic development. Now, Tapestri’s single-cell capabilities will complement Agilent’s class-leading genomics products and provide customers with a more comprehensive oncology offering.

North America is the largest single-cell genome sequencing market in the world and is set to reach over $3 billion in the next four years, with applications across oncology, immunology, genome editing, and biomarker development. The Agilent team brings deep expertise in genomics and have long standing relationships with key institutions that would benefit from a single-cell genomics platform.  This addition adds another co-marketing partner to our arsenal of distributors joining Novogene, BioLegend, and many other international distributors. 

We’re honored to co-market with Agilent to add them to our distribution network to promote our common goal: empowering research and clinical labs with novel technology to advance treatments and potential cures for cancer.

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