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February 12, 2019 by James Flynn, PhD < 1 min read

Custom Panels Made Easy with Tapestri Designer

In today’s world of genomics, we appreciate that some level of customization is not only desirable but expected. Coupled with the high cost of sequencing associated with single-cell experiments, it is paramount to ensure that sequencing capacity for tens of thousands of cells is dedicated to key genomic regions of interest that will be the most informative to your research. With this in mind, Mission Bio is making it even simpler to customize panels for targeted single-cell DNA analysis.  

For our first launch of 2019, we are excited to announce the release of Tapestri Designer, an easy-to-use web interface that will create custom panels in minutes for the Tapestri Platform. Users can design their own panels, or start from catalog content, to select specific genomic regions for SNVs and indel detection. Designed to work on with the Tapestri Platform, Custom Single-Cell DNA Panels can reveal the true clonal heterogeneity within cell populations at unprecedented resolution compared to traditional bulk sequencing approaches.

Starting the design process is easy, and panel designs can be completed within a matter of minutes.  To begin, create a login. Enter your target information according to the directions on the page, and click the submit button. It’s as simple as that.  Within Tapestri Designer, you can also explore and visualize your custom designs, but also our existing catalog panels with a
user-friendly interface.

Get started designing today at 

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