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September 21, 2023 by Sally Floyd 2 min read

Mission Bio Launches Tapestri® Genome Editing Solution: A Game-Changer in CRISPR-based Therapies & Disease Models

The Mission Bio team recently announced the debut of the Tapestri® Genome Editing Solution. Developed to meet the pressing need for high-resolution analysis of genome edited cells, this solution addresses a gap in advanced therapy development, disease modeling, and functional genomics. Already gaining widespread attention, this breakthrough technology offers unparalleled insight into genome editing outcomes at the single-cell level toward the development of safer therapies and better disease models. This first-of-its-kind analytical tool has already sparked significant interest among key researchers in pharmaceutical, academic, and government laboratories.


The “Cutting” Edge of Genome Editing Analysis

The Tapestri® Genome Editing Solution is a powerful tool for genome engineers, advanced therapy developers, and disease modelers. It enables researchers to:

  • Characterize Gene-Edited Products: Identify on- and off-target edits, assess the zygosity of edits, and analyze multiple edits in single cells.
  • Support Multi-Omic Analysis: Simultaneously measure editing and cell-surface protein expression in the same cells, providing a comprehensive view of cell engineering.
  • Streamline Complex Analyses: The automated Solution generates intuitive data reports for interpreting single-cell data. Check out an example report.


Enhancing Patient Safety and Therapy Development

Brittany Enzmann, PhD, Product Manager for Mission Bio’s Tapestri® Genome Editing Solution, emphasized the significant role this technology plays in ensuring patient safety: “The Tapestri Genome Editing Solution equips researchers with the capability to scrutinize gene therapies at the single-cell level, a crucial step for ensuring patient safety. By providing this unparalleled resolution, we’re not just offering a new tool; we’re contributing to the evolution of safer and more effective gene therapies. The result is a faster transition from the lab to the patient.”


Addressing the Challenges of Gene Editing

While gene editing technologies like CRISPR have opened doors to treating previously incurable diseases, they also present complex challenges, such as evaluating the fidelity of intended and unintended edits. Traditionally, researchers had to resort to labor-intensive single-cell cloning processes, involving weeks of cell culture, to obtain this data resolution. The Tapestri® Genome Editing Solution now streamlines this process with a high-throughput workflow, offering genotypic and immunophenotypic assessments in single cells, even for large sample sizes. Automated data reporting eliminates the need for extensive bioinformatics work, making critical information accessible to a wider range of users, from genome engineers to advanced therapy developers.


Endorsed by Leading Experts

Experts in the field have already hailed the Tapestri® Genome Editing Solution as a game-changer. Saar Gill MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, notes that “this multi-omic genome-editing solution will enable critical insights for gene-edited cell therapies beyond what conventional bulk analysis can offer. The automated report gives an immediate and intuitive first look at our data, something that would usually require hours of bioinformatic labor. All in all, we are better equipped to understand our editing results with this technology.”


A Look Ahead

The technology will be showcased at the upcoming European Society for Gene and Cell Therapy Annual Congress in Brussels (October 24 – 27), and CRISPR-Based Therapy Analytical Development Summit in Boston (October 30 – Nov 1). Give us a visit if you are attending any of these conferences!

With Mission Bio’s Tapestri® Genome Editing Solution, we’re witnessing a significant leap in realizing genome editing’s full potential, ushering in safer therapies and precision medicine breakthroughs.


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