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2022 Association of Biomolecular Resources Facilities (ABRF) Annual Meeting

Theatre, Oasis 1-3
March 29, 2022

Palm Springs Convention Center
277 N Avenida Caballeros
Palm Springs, CA 92262

The ABRF Annual Meeting is an international program that provides timely updates on cutting-edge science and its execution in a shared resource/core facility setting. These meetings also offer informative and practical workshops as well as ample networking opportunities with academics, corporate, and technology partner colleagues.

Advances in single-cell multi-omics have enabled laboratories to elevate their existing NGS workflows to provide a richer picture of their samples by simultaneously measuring SNVs, CNVs, and cell-surface proteins at the single-cell level.

Investigators are using the single-cell multi-omics capabilities of the Tapestri Platform to make strides in several scientific areas, including oncology research, drug discovery and genome editing applications.

Visit Mission Bio’s booth #121 to meet the team and garner the latest information about implementing single-cell multi-omics into your existing NGS workflows.

And don’t miss the opportunity to hear Mission Bio’s Innovation Theater Presentation, Elevating Existing NGS Workflows to Multi-Modal Clonal Analyses at Single-Cell Resolution, on March 29th, from 12:30pm – 12:40pm PT in the Oasis 1-3 Theater.

Elevating Existing NGS Workflows to Multi-Modal Clonal Analyses at Single-Cell Resolution
12:30PM PST
Theatre, Oasis 1-3
Julia Gouffon, PhD, Technical Application Liaison, Mission Bio