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Single-Cell Multi-Omics for Solid Tumour and Heamatologic Malignancies Research

Salamanca, Spain
February 23, 2023

Centro de Investigación del Cáncer

Campus Miguel de Unamuno

37007 Salamanca, Spain


Today, many genotyping workflows rely on bulk sequencing assays. Although this approach has enabled numerous advances in biotechnology over the last decade, these assays do not preserve the information of individual cells and is therefore limited in its scope to recognise true biological complexity. Indeed, one may argue that the cure of human malignancies will require eradication of multiple co-occurring subclones, a feat only achievable through a single-cell analysis.

Mission Bio’s Tapestri platform allows single-cell multi-omics analysis with simultaneous detection of SNVs, CNVs, and cell-surface proteins, therefore enabling researchers to accurately characterise the mutational landscape of a population and reveal the impact of co-mutations and zygosity state on cell-surface protein expression. Key applications of the Tapestri’s Platform include characterising clonal heterogeneity and clonal evolution, improving patient stratification, and guiding adaptive and rational combination therapies for improving patient outcomes. This single-cell multi-omics approach provides the sensitivity and resolution required to enhance biomarker discovery, better explore mechanisms of action, monitor patients, and untangle therapy resistance mechanisms that are impossible to obtain through traditional methodologies.

In this seminar, Mission Bio’s Field Application Manager Europe – Gema Fuerte – will discuss the following topics:

  • Technology overview
  • Tapestri capabilities on SNV, CNV, and protein sequencing at scale
  • Tapestri scMRD Assay for AML
  • Tapestri Cell and Gene Therapy Applications
  • Q&A and individual project discussion