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From Cells to Cures: Panel Discussion on Advancing Clonal Profiling in Leukemia & Myeloma With Single-Cell Multiomics

November 30, 2023

Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and Multiple Myeloma (MM) are highly heterogeneous diseases with many variable subtypes and molecular profiles. Thus, they pose complex challenges in hematologic malignancy management, requiring innovative approaches for diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy development. AML is a highly aggressive leukemia marked by uncontrolled myeloid cell proliferation, while MM is a plasma cell neoplasm known for clonal heterogeneity and drug resistance. Current treatments face limitations, highlighting the need for novel insights and approaches.

In the virtual roundtable, three international experts in the fields of leukemia and myeloma will convene to discuss these concerns. Drawing from their experience across clinical, academic, and pharmaceutical sectors, they will explore the growing interest in clonal profiling and the potential of single-cell multiomics in deciphering these enigmatic malignancies.

Real-world studies enabling clonal surveillance for precision therapy insights and measurable residual disease surveillance will be discussed.

This discussion transcends the boundaries of academia and industry, bridging research and drug development to explore the clinical impact and future horizons of single-cell analysis in AML and MM diagnostics & therapies.

“From Cells to Cures” is an interactive webinar offering diverse perspectives to shape the future of leukemia and myeloma research, advancing our journey from cells to cures.