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Introduction to Single-cell Multi-omics Data Analysis and Live Demo

December 10, 2020

A single-cell multi-omics approach can provide a full resolution of cancer in its heterogeneous mixture of cells with varied states, allowing laboratories to reveal clonal heterogeneity and lead to more informed research on disease and therapeutic development.

Challenges still remain for those laboratories, with integrating and analyzing these multi-analyte data to gain truly meaningful biological insights.

In this webinar, we will provide an introduction to single-cell multi-omic data analysis, using the latest tools developed to enable co-analysis of SNVs, CNVs and protein expression. This also includes visualization tools that facilitate linking genetic variation to protein expression to obtain proteogenomic information required to identify drug resistance, understand treatment response, and predict relapse.

Topics will include:

  • Single-cell informatics overview
  • How to integrate and analyze multi-omic data using the Tapetri Insights software 3.0
  • Advanced analysis using the Tapestri Mosaic analysis package of Jupyter Notebooks
  • Live demo — step-by-step software walkthrough and a preview of various visualization tools including UMAP plots, violin plots, scatter plots etc
9:00AM Pacific Time
Kelly Kaihara, PhD, Mission Bio and Gema Fuerte, MS, Mission Bio