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Webinar: Myeloma Matters: Advancing Research and Therapy Development with Single-cell DNA + Protein Multi-Omics

October 18, 2023

Multiple myeloma is a complex form of plasma cell cancer that is currently untreatable. There are approximately 200,000 new diagnoses each year globally, with a 100% relapse rate and 54% five-year overall survival rate. In spite of significant advancements in treating blood-related cancers, these diseases continue to be a substantial cause of illness and death worldwide. 

In this webinar, Dr. Todd Druley, MD, Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer of Mission Bio, and Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Adam Sciambi, Ph.D., will:

  • Discuss the clinical impact and horizon of multiple myeloma therapies
  • Present a novel approach to multiple myeloma therapeutic development by correlating SNVs, CNVs, and surface epitopes for clonal profiling
  • Share clinical data generated by researchers from The Cancer Research Center of Toulouse IUCT-Oncopole and Genentech