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Mission Bio and Agilent Technologies Enter into Co-Marketing Agreement to Expand Access to the Tapestri Platform for Single-Cell Multiomics


Commercial Expansion of Tapestri Platform Continues in North America


SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (April 23, 2020) Mission Bio, Inc., the pioneer in high-throughput single-cell multi-omics and DNA analysis today announced a partnership with Agilent Technologies, a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The two companies have entered a co-marketing agreement to drive adoption of Mission Bio’s Tapestri Platform, the industry’s first and only multi-omic device to analyze both DNA and protein at the single-cell level. 


North America is the largest single-cell genome sequencing market in the world and is set to reach over$5 billion in the next four years. With applications in oncology, immunology, genome editing, and biomarker development, single-cell sequencing technologies are proving necessary to further the evolution of more precise, effective treatments. 


As the only single-cell multi-omic platform capable of detecting DNA and protein changes simultaneously from the same cell, the Tapestri Platform can sensitively detect rare cancer subclones and co-occurring cancer mutations, thus offering a precise way to measure therapy response and disease progression. The new co-marketing agreement will support Mission Bio’s global expansion efforts and bring its technology into the hands of leading cancer researchers in the United States. 


“It’s extremely validating to have one of the world’s leaders in life sciences supporting our commercialization efforts,” says Darrin Crisitello, Chief Commercial Officer of Mission Bio. “Leveraging Agilent’s vast US commercial footprint gives us significant reach to additional customers, providing them with the tools to develop treatments and potentially cures for cancer.”


This latest milestone is a testament to Agilent’s confidence that the Tapestri Platform will further their common goal of empowering research and clinical labs with novel technology to advance precision medicine. Agilent has been an investor in Mission Bio since 2014, and has leveraged Tapestri as a quality control method for its genome-editing research, analyzing the off-target effects of CRISPR for therapeutic development. 


“Tapestri is fundamentally changing how researchers understand cancer, so we’re excited to see more researchers and clinicians adopt this platform,” remarked Kevin Corcoran, Vice President and General Manager of Agilent’s Biomolecular Analysis Division. “This targeted sequencing method at the single-cell level complements our class-leading genomics products, providing a more comprehensive oncology offering for our customers.” 


This strategic partnership follows Mission Bio’s recent distribution partnership with Novogene, a leading genomics provider, to bring the Tapestri Platform to the rapidly expanding Chinese market. The company also partnered with BioLegend, a global leader in protein antibody and reagent‎ manufacturing, to co-develop the first commercial solution for combined DNA and protein analysis at the single-cell level. 


About Mission Bio
Mission Bio delivers targeted solutions for high impact applications with the Tapestri Platform. The Tapestri Platform is the industry’s first and only single-cell multi-omics platform, enabling genotype and phenotype from the same cell, and precise detection of heterogeneity in disease progression and treatment response. Application areas include blood cancers, solid tumors, and genome editing validation.


The company’s Tapestri Platform was also honored as a Top 10 Innovation of 2018 by The Scientist, as well as utilized by researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) for the largest single-cell study completed to date. With Mission Bio, researchers have a highly sensitive, targeted, and customizable solution to move precision medicine forward.


Media Contact:

Kathryn Ryan

VSC for Mission Bio
(631) 255-5281

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