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Scientific presentation

Precision sequencing with single-cell genomics: Resolving heterogeneity in blood and solid tumors

Dennis Eastburn, PhD
AMP (2018)

The Tapestri Platform provides a single-cell DNA sequencing approach to understand clonal architecture and disease progression. By using microfluidics, each cell is barcoded to reconstruct the genotype of each cell and the clonality of the tumor. The two-step workflow and proprietary multiplex chemistry unlock access to DNA and more, allowing for high-throughput multi-omics analysis of single cells. Each droplet is discretely optimized for each reaction step: isolation of DNA in the first droplet, followed by targeted PCR of the DNA in the second droplet.


Scientific presentation
Get SNVs and CNVs from the Tapestri Platform
Kelly Kaihara, PhD
Robert Durruthy-Durruthy, PhD
Nature Research (2019)
Scientific presentation
Investigation of AML clonal architecture with mutational and immunophenotypic profiling simultaneously from the same cell(s)
Linde Miles, PhD
AMP (2019)
Scientific presentation
In pursuit of the leukemic stem cell: Leveraging single-cell genomics and proteomics to identify drivers of AML
Katherine D Cummins, MD FRACP FRCPA
AMP (2019)
Scientific presentation
Single-cell sequencing reveals clonal heterogeneity in acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Jan Cools, PhD
Llucia Albert Servera, PhD
Genome Web (2019)