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Scientific presentation

In pursuit of the leukemic stem cell: Leveraging single-cell genomics and proteomics to identify drivers of AML

Katherine D Cummins, MD FRACP FRCPA
AMP (2019)

Single-cell sequencing methods have improved our ability to better characterize tumor heterogeneity. However, current modalities are unable to determine both genotype and phenotype simultaneously from the same cell. Dr. Katherine Cummins, from the University of Pennsylvania, is a hematological pathologist focused on treating patients with AML. Current diagnostic methods rely on the presence or absence of MRD using the gold standards of multiparameter flow cytometry, RT-qPCR, and NGS. However, none of these methods provide a holistic view to monitor patients and guide treatment paths. By utilizing single-cell analysis her lab is able to determine the best cell therapies for patients and offer a more targeted approach to treatments.


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