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Scientific presentation

Investigation of AML clonal architecture with mutational and immunophenotypic profiling simultaneously from the same cell(s)

Linde Miles, PhD
AMP (2019)

Acute myeloid lymphoma (AML) is a molecularly diverse disease with a poor survival rate. Only 25% of patients diagnosed survive. It is therefore important to gain a better understanding of the disease progression. Leukemogenesis is thought to be a stepwise process. However, bulk sequencing only infers the order of mutation acquisition. Linde Miles, of Ross Levine’s Lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, shares findings from her study where she immunophenotyped and genotyped AML samples to track the order mutations using a custom molecular panel covering key genes for AML, MPN, and MDS. Furthermore, through a simple add-on to the workflow, she was able to confirm protein expression with molecular data to understand enrichment and differentiation patterns. Discover how the Tapestri Platform enables co-detection of SNVs, CNVs, and proteins from the same cell using a single workflow, providing a true multi-omics approach for deeper insight into systems biology and patterns of tumor evolution, therapy response, and resistance.


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