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Scientific presentation

Bringing a New Standard of Clarity to Solid Tumor Research With Single-Cell Genomics

Jorge Reis-Filho, MD, PhD, FRCPath
Julia Gouffon, PhD


A major challenge to combating cancer is the dynamism and inherent heterogeneity contributing to the disease’s onset, progression, and relapse. In the enormous efforts to identify the factors underlying these factors, bulk sequencing is widely used, but the need for unmasking the underlying genetic diversity across cell populations remains unmet.

Single-cell DNA sequencing can be used to interrogate clonal mosaicism and neoplastic transformation, metastatic dissemination, and therapeutic resistance with its ability to co-analyze SNVs and CNVs at the single-cell level in a scalable manner. As a tool for probing clonal architecture and evolution, researchers can identify zygosity, mutational co-occurrence, and rare mutations in individual cells.

Jorge Reis-Filho of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center shares the strategies for characterizing intratumor heterogeneity and evolutionary trajectories in cancers at the single-cell level and presents his latest findings in breast cancer research. This webinar also presents the latest advances in single-cell DNA sequencing, including pre-designed solid tumor DNA panels, single-cell CNV analysis workflow, and nuclei isolation protocols enabling solid tumor researchers to access this technology. Viewers will:

  • Learn how single-cell DNA sequencing can bring a new level of clarity to research in solid tumors, such as breast cancer, by providing insights into the clonal architecture, mutation co-occurrence, and rare mutations driving tumor progression and therapy resistance.
  • Discover the science behind the Tapestri single-cell sequencing platform.
  • Hear about case studies and implementation considerations, including cell and nuclei prep, panel design, and analysis.


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