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Scientific presentation

Overview on Mission Bio’s Applications

Simone Formisano

Over the past decade, numerous advances in biotechnology have translated into improvements in the medical arena. Yet, limitations in analytical tools still remain and present significant roadblocks to the study of pathologies and the development of life-changing therapies.Today, many genotyping workflows rely on bulk assays. Although appropriate for some questions, these assays do not preserve the information of individual cells; and therefore provide only limited knowledge about biological complexity. Single-cell DNA sequencing, on the other hand, evaluates the genotype of individual cells. Furthermore, by collapsing genotypic and phenotypic assays into a single workflow, Tapestri enables multi-parameter data: a powerful approach enabling an unprecedented look into the nuances of biology and transforming how we explore disease and develop therapies.Through this application overview, we will appreciate how Tapestri is helping advance cancer translational research, where information about tumor architecture can be used to inform diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment strategies in a highly personalized fashion.


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