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Scientific presentation

Hammering out the details: Utilizing single cell DNA sequencing for solid tumor research

Lei Tong, PhD
Ania Wronski, PhD
Divya Rao, PhD


Sequencing has revolutionized cancer research – are you still just using bulk sequencing? What are you missing? Find out about the latest and greatest work in single cell DNA sequencing in solid tumors. In this webinar, Ania Wronski, Director of Market Development and Applications, and Divya Rao, Senior Manager of Applications, cover the following topics:

• Tips and tricks to properly prep your solid tumor sample
• An overview of our new CNV analysis tool
• Example data using clinical breast cancer tissue
• A preview of how other researchers are leveraging single cell DNA sequencing to uncover resistance mechanisms and unveil tumor biology.
• Details about a new program to try single cell DNA sequencing in your own lab!

Then, Dr. Lei Tong of Illumina will discuss how the dynamic interactions between cancer cells and their microenvironments influence all levels of cellular regulation, including the genome, epigenome, transcriptome, and proteome. Combined analysis of several levels of regulation through multi-omics directly measures the causes and consequences of cancer phenotypes. In this talk, she introduces the multi-omics & multi-analyte approaches enabled with Illumina NGS solutions.


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