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Scientific presentation

Single-cell Multi-omics and the Horizon of Clinical Utility

Aaron Llanso

 The Tapestri Single-cell Measurable Residual Disease (scMRD) Assay for AML is the only solution in the market that integrates the genotypic and immunophenotypic assessment of AML MRD across thousands of individual cells, providing clonal insight in tandem with immunophenotype from rare residual disease cells. These high-resolution, integrated molecular profiles bring unprecedented clarity to the complex biology of AML MRD, powering clinically actionable insights. 

The Tapestri scMRD for AML Summit in New York City was a day-long event with industry leaders to discuss the future of single-cell multi-omics in the clinic and beyond. Here, Aaron Llanso, Sr. Director of Clinical Applications, presented “Single-cell Multi-omics and the Horizon of Clinical Utility,” which includes:

  • A brief overview of the Tapestri Platform technology
  • An overview on the clinical opportunities of our scMRD technology
  • A deeper dive into the Tapestri scMRD workflow


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