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Using a Single Cell Sequencing Platform to Untangle the Complexity of Cancer with a True Multi-Omics Approach.

Gain the true single-cell picture to enable precise understanding

The Tapestri Platform is the only system capable of simultaneously providing both genotype and phenotype data from the same cell, across thousands of single cells. With DNA as a foundation, our proprietary two-step microfluidic workflow enables the simultaneous detection of analytes, including SNVs, CNVs, and proteins. Meet the complexity of cancer with true multi-omics analysis.

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Tapestri instrument product image
Tapestri product image with an instrument, reagent kit and analysis software displaying a fish plot
Two steps. DNA + any analyte. Endless possibilities.
Our novel two-step microfluidic workflow is foundational to access DNA and protein in single cells, providing a true multi-omics picture. Combining two assays in a single integrated workflow saves costs and time, accelerating research and drug development pipelines.
Targeted and customizable.
Leverage curated pre-designed panels of DNA and surface protein targets, or create custom panels to suit your needs. Our optimized AI design pipeline will ensure a panel with high uniformity delivered in just weeks.
Confidence in a comprehensive end-to-end workflow.
With core reagent and cartridge kits to take you from single cells to a sequencing-ready library, leverage optimized analysis tools to convert your complex multi-dimensional, multi-analyte data to actionable insights.

The Complete Tapestri Workflow

Integrate seamlessly into your existing NGS workflow with sample prep and analysis solutions using the Tapestri single-cell sequencing platform

With our single-cell sequencing platform, use the Tapestri Instrument, reagents, and consumables up-front of your NGS system and then Tapestri Pipeline and Tapestri Insights software for data analysis and visualization.
Target Selection
Choose a pre-designed or custom DNA panel
primer and DNA fragment alignment icon
Add a protein panel and simple cell staining protocol
microtube with mixed population of cells icon
Single workflow combines DNA and protein panels
Tapestri Platform icon
Single sequencing run for multi-omics single-cell data
next-generation sequencing platform icon
Integrated pipeline for multi-omics analysis
Tapestri Pipeline Software icon
Powerful analysis and visualization software
monitor with plots icon

Library Prep with Tapestri

Access high-quality data with a unique two-step microfluidic workflow

Based on a novel two-step microfluidic workflow, the Tapestri Platform can access DNA and protein in single cells to give you true multi-omics. Each reaction in the two-step workflow is discretely optimized: isolation of DNA from the cell and oligo-conjugate antibodies in the first step, followed by targeted multiplex PCR in the second step.
Cells inside a channel entering oil to get encapsulated by oil
Cells covered in protease and then releasing DNA and protein
Cell lysates and barcoding beads coming together to pair up
DNA and protein are then amplified with primers
Legend for the above diagram including DNA, protein, cell barcode, gene-specific primer and protein specific primer

Tapestri Reagents

Leverage Tapestri Core Reagent Kits with Targeted DNA and Protein Panels

primer and DNA fragment alignment icon
Targeted DNA single-cell panels
Select from pre-designed panels carefully curated for a range of cancers
Create a custom panel for utmost flexibility (human, mouse, or any other genome)
Use our best-in-class AI-driven design engine optimized for droplet-based multiplex PCR chemistry
microtube with mixed population of cells icon
Targeted protein single-cell panels
Integrate oligo-tagged protein antibodies into the Tapestri workflow
Explore the optimized and fully validated TotalSeq™-D Heme Oncology Cocktail from BioLegend
Obtain concurrent measurements of DNA and proteins to uncover genotypes and phenotypes from the same cells
Tapestri single-cell multi-omics reagent kit image
Reagent kits for DNA-only or multi-omics experiments
Use with pre-titrated protein panels or custom TotalSeq-D antibodies from BioLegend
Start with a suspension of single cells, or utilize our nuclei isolation protocol
Compatible with any size targeted DNA panel up to 1,000 amplicons

Tapestri Software

Spend less time integrating data and more time gaining insights

Tapestri Pipeline Software icon
Tapestri Pipeline
Use our streamlined bioinformatics workflow optimized for single-cell DNA and protein analysis
Perform automated secondary analysis
Obtain cell barcode deconvolution, read alignment, DNA variant calling, and protein expression counts
monitor with plots icon
Tapestri Insights
Leverage our user-friendly and turnkey analysis solutions for meaningful insights to advance your research
Perform tertiary analysis with powerful analysis and visualization tools
Create UMAP plots, XY plots, violin plots, bar plots, and fish plots to uncover actionable ground-truth insights
Providing cancer researchers with the only single-cell multi-omics solution that simultaneously detects SNV, CNV, and protein data from the same cell.
Conduct high-throughput single-cell DNA sequencing from thousands of cells in hematology, solid tumor, and cell and gene therapy applications.

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Ready to get started?

Use Tapestri Designer to customize a catalog panel or start from scratch with content specific to your single-cell sequencing application.