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RESEARCHER spotlight
John Lee, MD, PhD
Fred Hutch

Using CRISPR to understand different combinations of gene alterations

Solid tumor bladder cancer is caused by upwards of 5 mutations or more in a single tumor and requires extensive tumor profiling to uncover the most optimal therapeutic path. To better understand which combinations of mutations are important for driving bladder cancer, Dr. John Lee from the Fred Hutch Institute combines sophisticated genome editing, organoid, and mouse model approaches with single-cell technology. In these multi-faceted technology studies, Dr. Lee’s lab reveals how different combinations of gene alterations lead to bladder cancer, for a better understanding of the complete disease.

RESEARCHER spotlight
Customer Spotlight: Servier Pharmaceuticals
RESEARCHER spotlight
Two mutations in RNA splicing factors from the same cell confirmed with single-cell DNA-Seq
Justin Taylor, MD
University of Miami
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Enhance the clinical evaluation of AML MRD by uncovering clonality
Asiri Ediriwickrema, MD
Stanford University
RESEARCHER spotlight
Single-cell analysis reveals extensive proteogenomic decoupling in leukemia
Adam Abate, PhD; Ben Demaree; Cyrille Delley